White Balance


We wrote about the brilliant image quality of DIMIKA and the true and realistic colors right out of the box in our post from  Dec. 17, 2013. The default ‘auto’ settings does a pretty good job, but there are sometimes reasons for experts and/or hobbyists to set an individual value or to optimize the video quality to the exist situation. For that – as a prosumer grade digital camera – DIMIKA supports all common functions and allows the user to set the video parameters manually.

Today we’ll have a quick look to the ‘White Balance’ settings.

For using the DIMIKA under different circumstances, the user can adjust the “White Balance” parameter via the configuration software easily. There are totally 6 values for the ‘White Balance’ setting:



  • Auto: Automatically sets according to the shooting environment
  • Daylight: Sunny days
  • Cloudy: Cloudy days
  • Tungsten: Suitable for an incandescent light environment
  • Fluorescent H: Suitable for a halogen or 3-wavelength light environment
  • Fluorescent L: Suitable for a fluorescent light environment

Light sources and filters, daytimes or weathers bring us various color temperatures. These differences can be balanced by choosing the specific value and make the “white” shown as true white in different color temperatures.

The picture  below shows an example of different ‘White Balance’ settings by using the same light source.