Updates released

Untitled-2Today DIMIKA has released a couple of software updates with improved functions and video quality.

Firmware 1.4 & 1.5: Besides fine tuning of bit-rate levels, the low light video quality has improved in version 1.4 (recommended version). The alternative firmware version 1.5 comes – as same as version 1.1 before – with a narrow AOV at 720p/60fps mode with zoom-in effect. Everything else is same as version 1.4

Configuration software 5.5: The version 5.5 provides more adjustment flexibility by the EV settings (now 13 values instead of 5) and allows to set the shock sensor sensitivity to high, medium, low or off.

User Manual 1.1: The updated English user manual will also guide the user through the new functions.

All updates can be found on the support page.