The DIMIKA cam has four user-programmable modes. Besides the video modes 1+2, where the user can set the resolution and frame speed for video recording, and the picture mode 3,  where the user can set the picture resolution, there is the 4th mode reserved only for time-lapse.

The time-lapse mode is another nice feature which comes with the DIMIKA camera. In this mode, the camera captures pictures with a resolution of 1980*1080 pixel by a user programmable interval. With this it is not difficult to create cool-looking time-lapse videos in FullHD.

 It’s simple to shoot, easy to edit and impressive to watch.

For example, clouds moving, plants growing, flowers blossoming, fruits rotting, evolution of a construction project, people in the city or 360 degree objects.


What do we need? Only an idea for the scene, the DIMIKA and a video editor software.


You can set the picture interval to 3*, 5, 10 or 30 seconds via the configuration software and then start to capture your own time-lapse pictures. The time lapse pictures can later be found on the MicroSD in the folder called T-lapse. Now you can create your time-lapse video with most of the common video editor software like Windows Movie-Maker.

Here are some recommendations for interval settings:

  • Fast moving scenes: 3 seconds *(requires MicroSD card class 10)
  • Clouds moving normally: 5 seconds (default)
  • Clouds moving very slowly: 10 seconds
  • Path of Sun and Moon: 30 seconds


Note: This sample parameters based on personal experience and may not be the optimal setting for everybody. Try different values for different time lapse scenes and situations to find out which are the best settings for you.