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  • No! The DIMIKA is designed as an ultra-light-weight camera. In this case there is no extra protection against water or humidity. You can use it under normal conditions (20-80% atmospheric humidity). If you want to use the DIMIKA in other conditions like water or rain, you need to cover it with the DIMIKA Splashbag.

  • SPLASHBAG-ADJUSTMENTThe Splashbag might be deformed by pressure and temperature e.g. during travel or trans-portation.

    For an excellent image and video quality, it is important that the field of focus is smooth and flat. In this case, it may be sometimes necessary to adjust the front of the Splashbag.

    For this we need only the DIMIKA dummy (delivered with the Splashbag) and a hair dryer. Slide the dummy up to the front inside the Splashbag and make sure that the front shield becomes smooth and flat.

    Then heat it slowly  up with the wind of the hear dryer - with lowest or mid temperature level.

    After the front of the bag becomes the desired form, hold it for about 10 seconds. Now remove the dummy and the Splashbag will stay in the adjusted form.

  • When using the DIMIKA or charging its battery, it is normal for it to get warm. The exterior of the device functions as a cooling surface that transfers heat from inside the device to the cooler air outside.

    Activities and conditions that may cause the device to alter performance and behavior include:

    • Leaving the device in a car on a hot day, especially mounted to the windshield in direct sunlight.
    • Leaving the device in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.
  • 1. DIMIKA with a silver or shiny black edge and a flip cover

    On some pictures you can find a different design of DIMIKA from the early stage of development.

    This version is not available - on orders you will receive always the


    2. DIMIKA with a matt black edge and without flip cover like the picture below:

    The final design of DIMIKA

    The final design of DIMIKA

    The 2nd version is final  and the only available version.


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