DIMIKA 1080HD now available!

dimika-cartonAfter long time preparation and under the efforts of all R & D personnel, DIMIKA 1080 has finally been completed  Hereby, we also very appreciate people who give us great concern and support during the development. 

The past weeks kept our team incredible busy by testing performance and features. Findings and advice during this period has forced us to revise our first version in order to launch a prestige product.

Today, mostly all announced improvements are finally implemented and the first DIMIKAS are on delivery and it will just take a few days more until the first users hold them in there hands.

DIMIKA is now equipped with a larger 3.5 MP CMOS sonsor and a micro USB port. The Time-Lapse interval was shortened to 3 seconds (Class 10 MicroSD card required) and the overall design has been face-lifted.

Only with the 720p@60fps settings we are not absolute pleased but we keep working on this for future firmware updates. Here we would like to ask for some more patience.