A Portable Dashcam


The DIMIKA CAMERA is versatile-use and can also impress
in the fields of traffic safety and road protection.

For the usage as a in-car camera the DIMIKA supports all features such as Low-Light-Sensitivity – Night View, Shock-Sensor, Auto Start and Loop-Recording. All these together with a 140 degree wide angle lens for a large angle of view. The 1080p image sensor captured everything in front of your vehicle during the trip and enables the user even to read details like the cars number plates on freeze images.




Recommended settings highlighted

“Do I need a dashcam?” Hopefully not, but it could be very helpful when something unforeseen happens.

With a video file captured by your  DIMIKA you have a proof of the scene for police and insurances.

To keep the best performance of the device it is recommended to fully charge the battery before using it as a dashcam to avoid charging during discharging.

Recommended settings for the use as dashcam: Loop recording=ON ( 1min-5 min.), Auto-record=ON and Power-off delay=ON (10 sec.).






Note: When using the device or charging the battery, it is normal for it to get warm. The exterior of the device functions as a cooling surface that transfers heat from inside the device to the cooler air outside.

Conditions and activities that may cause the device to alter performance and behavior include:

  • Leaving the device in a car on a hot day, especially mounted to the windshield in direct sunlight.
  • Leaving the device in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.