DIMIKA becomes a waterproof – SPLASH BAG

splashbag-blackThe DIMIKA CAMERA is on its final steps from design and developing  to completion. Time to introduce the DIMIKA SPLASHBAG which is already mentioned on the support page under FAQ: ‘Is the DIMIKA waterproof?’

The DIMIKA is designed as an ultra-light-weight camera. In this case there is no extra protection against water or humidity on the camera itself. It can be used under normal conditions (20-80% atmospheric humidity). But if you want to use the DIMIKA in other conditions like water or rain, you need to cover it with the DIMIKA Splashbag.

The Splashbag protects the DIMIKA against water. It looks like a simple rain cover but it’s much more than it, the splash bag is a sealed unit with a custom dry-suit type zipper that allows the user easily to operate the DIMIKA while ensuring full protection against rain or other wet conditions. It  may be used in rain or for winter and summer sports like surfing and skiing but the DIMIKA Splashbags are limited to be used on the surface of the water only – Splashbags are not for diving.

We will add a free Splashbag to all orders before Dec. 25, 2013 as a gift and to say thank you for the patience of our early customers. Already placed orders will get one for free too.