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As an author of an article in the early stage of a blog like ours today, it is always a big favor if you can get some feedback from the currently small community of readers. I was happy to have the chance  over the weekend to exchange a few emails with ‘Steffa’, a follower of our blog and an early owner of the DIMIKA camera after he left us a comment on the last post.

JAN 04, 2014 @ 10:21:29

Hi guys, I really feel to leave a public comment for you. I’m just back from my journey where I made a lot of videos and pics with the DIMIKA. I love this tiny cam. I’ll share some videos later and if you like to use it just let me know. Best wishes to your team!

Fantastic product! 10 of 10 points

‘Steffa’ has sent us some footage captured with his DIMIKA from his new year trip and given the permission to publish it on our blog. Thanks to ‘Steffa’ for his support and Happy New Year to all of our readers and all the best wishes for 2014!

Impressive Landscape…

Nice Sunshine 😉

The Splashbag, fantastic solution and easy to carry!

Just fun!

Also the sound is fabulous!