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Capture the World – Anytime! – Everywhere!

As an author of an article in the early stage of a blog like ours today, it is always a big favor if you can get some feedback from the currently small community of readers. I was happy to have the chance  over the weekend to exchange a few emails with ‘Steffa’, a follower of our blog and(…)


DIMIKA 1080HD now available!

After long time preparation and under the efforts of all R & D personnel, DIMIKA 1080 has finally been completed  Hereby, we also very appreciate people who give us great concern and support during the development.  The past weeks kept our team incredible busy by testing performance and features. Findings and advice during this period(…)


True Colors And A Brilliant Image Quality

The DIMIKA CAMERA convince through its brilliant image quality on day and night videos. Here we could write about WDR, using Exposure Value settings or White Balance. But the first impression counts for the consumers and that means the performance of the camera out of the box and without any adjustments and other headache.  (…)


DIMIKA becomes a waterproof – SPLASH BAG

The DIMIKA CAMERA is on its final steps from design and developing  to completion. Time to introduce the DIMIKA SPLASHBAG which is already mentioned on the support page under FAQ: ‘Is the DIMIKA waterproof?’ The DIMIKA is designed as an ultra-light-weight camera. In this case there is no extra protection against water or humidity on the camera itself.(…)


Last minute improvements [Update: 28.11.2013]

Functionality and user satisfaction are always our  primary concern. There’s been a lot of feedback after the introduction of DIMIKA and we treasured that and couldn’t close our eyes on this. On behalf of functionality and performance, we decided to make some last minute improvements and replaced some components and changed some parts of the housing layout(…)


A few words from Innotrends

Today it is only 22 days ago since we announced our first tiny video camcorder DIMIKA. During the past three weeks we received a lot emails with positive feedback, tips and good advice. Many suggestions come directly from the mini, sports and action cam communities but also from other users and professionals. It is impossible(…)