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RC Electric BobCat Plane – Dual Cam

Enjoy the Dual cam fast whooshing flight of my RC Electric BobCat Plane. This pusher jet never disappoints and always please use with its beautiful appearance and super fast flight. This time we had two cams. Panasonic HD Ground cam in the steady hands of Maryam and onboard Dimika HD Camera on plane. Plus a(…)


Time lapse and slow motion Clouds

The DIMIKA cam has four user-programmable modes. Besides the video modes 1+2, where the user can set the resolution and frame speed for video recording, and the picture mode 3,  where the user can set the picture resolution, there is the 4th mode reserved only for time-lapse. Reas more about the time lapse mode: http://dimikacamera.com/dimka-time-lapse/    


Dimika HD 1080P Action Clips Compilation

Technology is moving fast. As aerial filming and action sports is growing in popularity, the need for smaller, versatile yet extreme light weight HD Action cameras is increase day by day.


Calling Summer – The Splashbag II

The Splashbag protects the DIMIKA against water. It looks like a simple rain cover but it’s much more than it, the splash bag is a sealed unit with a custom dry-suit type zipper that allows the user easily to operate the DIMIKA while ensuring full protection against rain or other wet conditions. It  may be(…)